2019 Award Recipients

The Canadian Institute of Forestry/Institut forestier du Canada National Awards Banquet took place on Monday, October 7, 2019 in Pembroke, Ontario during the 111th Annual General Meeting and 2019 National Conference. Luc M. Rainville, President of CIF-IFC, was the moderator of this long-running annual tradition, and Colin Carroll, Past President of the CIF-IFC presented the awards to recipients.


The Canadian Forestry Achievement Award was established in 1967. The intent of the award is to recognize unique and outstanding forestry achievement by individuals in Canada. It is the Institute’s objective that it encourages excellence in the forestry profession.

  • The 2019 recipient was Dr. Michael Stoehr of the Vancouver Island Section.

Dr. Stoehr works as a Coastal Douglas-fir Tree Breeder & Scientist for the Forest Improvement and Research Management Branch at the BC Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development. For over 27 years, Dr. Stoehr has promoted the sound management of forest genetic resources within the British Columbia Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development. Since 2000, Michael has led the provincial Coastal Douglas-fir tree improvement program – the longest-running tree improvement program in Canada. Through his dedication to innovative research and strong scientific contributions he has greatly advanced the field of forest genetics, including the Coastal Douglas-Fir Tree Breeding program in British Columbia.


The Institute recognizes individuals who have made innovative and outstanding achievements in forestry research in Canada. Recognition can be for developing new practices, processes, or techniques, or for demonstrating the practical applications of research in forestry. This award has the objective of encouraging innovation, exploration, application and excellence in forest research.

  • The 2019 recipient was Dr. Lori Daniels of the Vancouver Section.

Dr. Daniels is a Professor with the Department of Forest and Conservation Sciences at the University of British Columbia. Dr. Daniels’ research strives to advance fundamental scientific knowledge on forest dynamics. Her research characterizes how natural disturbances, humans and climate interact to drive temperate forest dynamics and resilience. As a recognized figure in the interpretation of wildfire for the general public, along with her work as a fire science researcher, she has greatly contributed to raising public awareness on wildfires, safety and climate change. She has given countless interviews and has a major presence in both professional and public outreach. She is also considered a world leader in both dendrochronology and forest ecology. Through this work she has made an outstanding contribution to the sustainability of our forest resources.


The Institute recognizes unique and outstanding achievement in forest management by a group or organization through the Canadian Forest Management Group Achievement Award, which was established in 1998.

  • The 2019 recipient was The Research Program – Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development, Government of British Columbia.

BC’s Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development is responsible for the stewardship of provincial Crown land and natural resources, and for the protection of BC’s archaeological and heritage resources. The Research Program has played an important role in informing forestry practices and policies in British Columbia. Over the past century, the Program has evolved to incorporate six portfolios embedded at all levels of government. The Program is responsible for many of the tools that ensure sustainable forest management in British Columbia. For instance, the Growth and Yield Models, Climate Based Seed Transfer Tool and the B.C. Water Tool are all a direct result of the Research Program’s work.


The International Forestry Achievement Award recognizes individuals who have made unique and outstanding contributions or achievements in international forestry. The Award recognizes that Canada is a world leader in the practice of forestry and appreciates the actions of individuals who have shared this leadership with other nations, and has the objective of encouraging excellence and cooperation in international forestry.

  • The 2019 recipient was Dr. Guangyu Wang of the Vancouver Section.

Dr. Guangyu Wang is Associate Dean, Associate Professor, Director of Asian Forest Research Centre with the Department of Forest Resources Management at the University of British Columbia. One of his major research focuses involves examining Chinese forest management practices, where he has been able to develop novel management plans and sustainable management models for Chinese forests. Furthermore, Dr. Wang is currently involved in several research projects related to climate change, forest adaptation and carbon market mechanisms. He has been instrumental in connecting BC and the Canadian Forestry sector with China and in developing connections with forestry universities. His leadership and expertise have greatly contributed to promoting cross-cultural understanding of forestry and cooperation in the forest sector between Canada, China and the Asia Pacific region.


The Schlich Memorial Prize is awarded annually at the CIF-IFC Awards Banquet. It is awarded to an outstanding student chosen by the university and technical school(s) represented by the Section(s) hosting the annual meeting.

The Schlich Memorial Prize is named, after Sir William Schlich, who was born in 1840 and was a German forester who became Inspector General of Forests to the Government of India. He also founded the School of Forestry at Oxford in 1905, and was knighted in 1909 for his many achievements.

  • The 2019 recipient was Jake Wakelin of the Algonquin Section.

Jake is studying to become a Forestry Technician at Algonquin College, and has a background in academia, having earned a PhD in the field of Medieval Studies from the University of Toronto where he also spent many successful years teaching history, Latin, and German to both graduate and undergraduate students. Jake has also led several crews tasked with carrying out emerald ash borer treatments in conjunction with municipal forestry services in the Greater Toronto Area, assessing tree vigor, health, and overall condition, and updating tree inventories. Jake is also a proud member of the Algonquin Section of the CIF-IFC.


This award is named the James M. Kitz Award, after a person who was a member of the Institute and the Alberta Registered Professional Foresters Association. Jim made several outstanding contributions to forestry early in his career, but suffered a sudden and untimely death at age 36. This award recognizes the contributions made by Jim, both professionally and personally and is awarded to those who exemplify Jim’s approach to all aspects of life while making an outstanding contribution to forestry early in their career.

  • The 2019 recipient was Lacey Rose of the Algonquin Section.

Lacey’s work experience has ranged from field work in the Boreal forest, to writing a forest management plan for 250,000 hectares of Crown forest in the Great Lakes St. Lawrence forest, to now the hands-on management of the Renfrew County Forest. Outside of these roles, Lacey is a dedicated member of the CIF-IFC Algonquin Section, and involved in a number of exceptional volunteer initiatives, including co-founding the Women in Wood group – an online community that has grown to over 1000 women, and seeks to inform, share experiences and encourage women in the forest sector. She is also the host of the web-series “Mighty Jobs”. Her passion for education and awareness and ability to connect with a wide audience is apparent through her active social media presence. She was among the first to start promoting forestry in Ontario, and was instrumental in helping launch the Ontario Professional Foresters Association’s social media platforms to promote the profession in Ontario. She is also a Counsellor for Central East for the Ontario Professional Foresters Association.


This Award is presented to individuals who have made significant or consistent outstanding contributions to the Institute through their actions in support of the Institute’s mission. More specifically, they have advanced the stewardship of Canada’s forest resources, demonstrated leadership in forestry, taken an active role in promoting competence among forestry professionals, and have fostered public awareness of Canadian and international forestry issues. This award recognizes the hard work, dedication, and commitment that individuals provide in following the Institute’s mission and the profession

  • The 2019 recipients were Al Stinson of the Algonquin Section and Michel Vallee of the Vancouver Island Section.

As a Past President of the CIF-IFC, Al worked with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources for 36 years. In retirement Al has worked part time as a Research Forester for the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre at the Petawawa Research Forest, and he continues to instruct on the Ontario tree marking training and certification program, where he was a leader in its development and delivery. He is also a strong believer in partnerships which is evident through his contributions to the Forest Research Partnership out of the Canadian Ecology Centre. Through Al’s hard work, dedication and commitment to every task and project, he has greatly contributed to being a role model for those around him and educating a diverse audience on the practice of forestry.

Also as a Past President of the CIF-IFC, and a recently retired instructor from the Vancouver Island University’s Forestry program, Michel has been involved in a number of national and regional committees on forestry education including co-founder of the BC National Forest Week Coalition. Through his professional life as an administrator, educator and consultant, Michel has worked tirelessly to enhance forestry and promote the forestry profession. He has organized over 25 successful international forestry tours for both students and CIF-IFC members to promote knowledge exchange between Canadian and international forestry professionals. As a long-standing member of the CIF-IFC, Michel’s passion for the CIF-IFC is evident to all that know him, while demonstrating leadership at the Section, national and international levels.


The Canadian Institute of Forestry is very much a grass-roots organization; but with a national network and focus. We currently have 19 sections that span the country, and an active International Section.  Our Sections are truly the foundation and strength of our organization. The Section of the Year Award recognizes outstanding activity, involvement and support of the Institute as a whole.

  • The 2019 recipient was the Algonquin Section.

The Algonquin Section of Ontario is very deserving of this honour for 2019. One of the most significant highlights of the Section was hosting the 2019 CIF-IFC National Conference and Annual General Meeting, which was a huge success. The Section also hosted a number of public outreach and knowledge exchange events throughout the year. Through these initiatives, the Section brought CIF-IFC members and non-members together, promoting the awareness of the Institute and its mission.


The Tree of Life Awards are nationally recognized, but are selected by the Sections of the Institute. They are awarded to individuals who have made superior, dedicated or particularly effective contributions to sustainable forest resource management, forest renewal or sustained yield, and integrated management of the forest and its intrinsic resources.

2019 Recipients:

  • Annette van Niejenhuis – Vancouver Island Section
  • Diana Boylen – Rocky Mountain Section
  • Lorne West – Rocky Mountain Section
  • Frances Bennett-Sutton – Northwestern Ontario Section
  • Laird VanDamme – Northwestern Ontario Section
  • Charles John – Newfoundland and Labrador Section
  • Wayne Brown – Newfoundland and Labrador Section 


During every annual Awards Banquet, the Institute recognizes those individuals who are celebrating 50 years of membership in the Institute!

2019 Recipients:

  • Claude Godbout – Orléans Section
  • Phillip Bidwell – Vancouver Island Section
  • William Dumont – Vancouver Island Section
  • Richard Mcnaughton – Central Ontario Section


Since 1908, volunteers have played a special role in the growth of the Institute, sharing their time, energy and expertise through activities such as office work, field work, fundraising, knowledge exchange and resource sharing. This award recognizes outstanding volunteers for their efforts and dedication.

2019 Recipients:

  • John Pineau – Algonquin Section
  • Guylaine Thauvette – Algonquin Section
  • Svetlana Zeran – Algonquin Section
  • Lacey Rose – Algonquin Section
  • Gord Cumming – Algonquin Section
  • Tom Dolan – Algonquin Section
  • Glen Prevost – Algonquin Section
  • Dave Lemkay – Ottawa Valley Section
  • Katalijn MacAfee – Ottawa Valley Section
  • Ayla Brombach – Algonquin Section
  • Murray Woods – Algonquin Section
  • Al Stinson – Algonquin Section
  • Allison Winmill – Algonquin Section