2020 Award Recipients

The Canadian Institute of Forestry/Institut forestier du Canada National Awards Ceremony was held virtually on Tuesday, September 15, 2020 as part of the 112th Annual General Meeting and 2020 National Conference. Richard Dominy, President of CIF-IFC, was the moderator of this long-running annual tradition that recognizes the unique and outstanding contributions made by forest practitioners and professionals to forestry in Canada

Canadian Forestry Achievement Award

The Canadian Forestry Achievement Award was established in 1967. The intent of the award is to recognize unique and outstanding forestry achievement by individuals in Canada. It is the Institute’s objective that it encourages excellence in the forestry profession.

  • The 2020 recipient is Michael Rosen of the Ottawa Valley Section.

Michael Rosen was President of Tree Canada for 18 years, where he led its transition to private sector support and successfully advocated for a Canadian Urban Forest Network, Canadian Urban Forest Strategy, Carbon Protocol and National Tree Day.  He is a Registered Professional Forester and Certified Arborist and is now a part-time consultant living in the Gatineau Hills in Cantley, Québec. He has received awards from numerous organizations. In 2016 he was appointed an Adjunct Professor by the University of British Columbia.
Before Tree Canada, he worked as a Forester and Stewardship Coordinator for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. As a student he worked for the National Capital Commission’s Dutch Elm Disease program in Ottawa as well as a high-lead logger on B.C.’s west coast. Michael has delivered presentations to diverse audiences including foresters, naturalists, municipalities, service clubs, the private sector and schools. He is a member of numerous forestry, arboricultural and historical organizations and is a Director of the Ottawa Valley Section of the CIF.

Canadian Forestry Scientific Achievement Award

The Institute recognizes individuals who have made innovative and outstanding achievements in forestry research in Canada. Recognition can be for developing new practices, processes, or techniques, or for demonstrating the practical applications of research in forestry. This award has the objective of encouraging innovation, exploration, application and excellence in forest research.

  • The 2020 recipient is Dr. William J. Beese of the Vancouver Island Section.

Before joining the VIU Forestry faculty in 2010, Bill spent over 30 years on the BC coast as a Forest Ecologist in research and policy development for several forest companies. He is an RPF with an MF in Forest Ecology from UBC. Bill has an international reputation for practical implementation of innovative forestry. His research includes silvicultural systems, prescribed burning, forest regeneration and biodiversity. He coordinated the multi-disciplinary Montane Alternative Silvicultural Systems (MASS) study. He helped lead the phase-in of variable retention harvesting as part of Weyerhaeuser’s Coast Forest Strategy—a team effort that received the Ecological Society of America’s Corporate Award for 2001. He has served on numerous advisory committees on research, old growth forests and ecosystem-based management including an international science panel for Forestry Tasmania. He is a co-author of three book chapters and numerous research papers, including global overviews of retention forestry.

International Forestry Achievement Award

The International Forestry Achievement Award recognizes individuals who have made unique and outstanding contributions or achievements in international forestry. The Award recognizes that Canada is a world leader in the practice of forestry and appreciates the actions of individuals who have shared this leadership with other nations, and has the objective of encouraging excellence and cooperation in international forestry.

  • The 2020 recipient is Dr. Gary Q. Bull of the Vancouver Section.

Dr. Gary Bull is a Canadian forestry professional who has shared this leadership with other nations and has brought nations together to better forestry practices globally. He is active on the several national and international advisory boards, and is an advocate for interdisciplinary research.
Gary has spent most of his early career working in a consultative capacity with forest products companies, resource based communities, various government agencies and environmental non-governmental organizations. Internationally, he has worked with organizations such as the Climate and Land Use Alliance, the International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis in Vienna, the International Institute for Environment and Development in London, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in Rome, the Sustainable Biomass Partnership, and the US Council on Foreign Relations in Washington. He has supervised research projects with CIFOR, World Bank, Shell Canada, Wildlife Conservation Society, WWF, Iisaak Forest Resources Ltd., Forest Trends and FAO. Gary has a background in commerce as well as three degrees in Forestry, specializing in economics and policy. He has an interest in global forestry policy issues and is currently studying forest and timber markets in Asia and ecosystem services markets in Afghanistan, Canada, China, India, Indonesia, Mozambique, Nicaragua and Uganda. In Canada he has focused his efforts on working on sustainable business development with First Nations communities. Gary has more than 40 projects with First Nations groups developing forest management plans that commodify carbon, timber biodiversity and non- timber forest products. Gary is currently the Head of the Department of Forest Resource Management at UBC.

James M. Kitz Award

This award is named the James M. Kitz Award, after a person who was a member of the Institute and the Alberta Registered Professional Foresters Association. Jim made several outstanding contributions to forestry early in his career, but suffered a sudden and untimely death at age 36. This award recognizes the contributions made by Jim, both professionally and personally and is awarded to those who exemplify Jim’s approach to all aspects of life while making an outstanding contribution to forestry early in their career.

  • The 2020 recipients are Jeffrey Renton of the Rocky Mountain Section and Kerry McLaven

Jeff Renton of the Rocky Mountain Section, is a Reclamation Coordinator with Tree Time Services, responsible for planning and implementation of reclamation tree planting projects across Alberta. He is also responsible for company wide business development as well as seed collection and sourcing for reclamation seedling production. Jeff Renton holds an M.Sc. in Biological Sciences from the University of Manitoba (2010) and has several years of environmental/forestry surveying and restoration experience from several consulting companies and NGO’s.  Through managing two separate non-profits in the Prairies he specialized in public extension in forested and agricultural land management primarily in private lands. Jeff has been an active member of the Canadian Institute of Forestry for over a decade, and primarily focused on planning and implementing forestry based professional development events regionally and nationally. In 2014, Jeff received the Prince of Wales Award for Sustainable Forestry.

Kerry McLaven is the Chief Executive Officer for the Forest Gene Conservation Association, a small not-for-profit based in Ontario which promotes the conservation, restoration, and sustainable use of the genetic base of the forest. Before that Kerry worked as the Director of Operations for Forests Ontario for 8 years helping to develop seed collection and management capacity, creating programs and being a catalyst for continuous improvement within the organization. Prior to that, Kerry graduated with a Masters in Forest Conservation from University of Toronto, completing an internship with FPInnovations in Hinton and Jasper Alberta. Kerry also maintains an Honours Bachelor of Science from Wilfrid Laurier University. Over the course of many summers, Kerry has spent her time tree planting and working in Ontario’s provincial parks.

Prince Of Wales Award For Sustainable Forestry

This annual award, endorsed by the Prince of Wales, is to recognize the achievements of an outstanding young forest professional in Canada, so as to encourage engagement in and dedication to the principles of sustainable forest management policy, planning and practice, sound science-based land stewardship, and public outreach and knowledge exchange focusing on the wise use and conservation of forests and the ecosystems that they encompass. The recipient is selected by His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales, on behalf of the Institute.

  • The 2020 recipient is Glen Prevost of the Algonquin Section.

Glen grew up in Southern Ontario but now lives in North Bay, Ontario with his wife, toddler, and new baby. Together they enjoy the outdoors and on the rare occasion, a full night’s sleep. Glen currently works as a researcher for FPInnovations, working with forestry businesses in Ontario to connect them with FPInnovations’ knowledge and solutions. Earlier this year Glen published a well-received bioheat guide for rural communities in Ontario. He recently became a Registered Professional Forester in Ontario, an accomplishment of which he is very proud. His family can attest that Glen loves forests and sustainable forest management, as he is always talking about something related to forestry.  Before working in forestry, Glen worked as a professional engineer in the area of industrial energy efficiency. When not at work, Glen can often be found out in the bush with a dog and toddler in tow.

Presidential Award

This Award is presented to individuals who have made significant or consistent outstanding contributions to the Institute through their actions in support of the Institute’s mission. More specifically, they have advanced the stewardship of Canada’s forest resources, demonstrated leadership in forestry, taken an active role in promoting competence among forestry professionals, and have fostered public awareness of Canadian and international forestry issues. This award recognizes the hard work, dedication, and commitment that individuals provide in following the Institute’s mission and the profession.

  • The 2020 recipient is Dr. William Bourgeois of the Vancouver Section.

Bill Bourgeois holds a PhD and is a Registered Professional Forester. Bill invested over 40 years in improving forest land management in British Columbia. During this period Bill has been a Canadian Forestry Service research scientist, held corporate executive positions, and been a private consultant.

Bill has been involved with a number of new and high profile BC, Canadian and international land use and forest management initiatives, such as the UN Convention on Biodiversity Conservation, the North American Strategy for Biodiversity Conservation, the BC CORE process, the Innovative Forestry Practices Agreement legislation, etc.  Bill’s strategic and innovative thinking resulted in Lignum Ltd receiving the 2002 Minister of Environment award for industry leading work on carbon management.  Bill’s work has been recognized by receiving several awards including CIF’s Canadian Forestry Achievement Award and Tree and Life Award, as well as many other awards received from the Association of BC Forest Professionals, Joint ABCFP-Association of Biology, and BC Business Magazine. Bill is referred to as the “big picture guy.”  He currently consults and comments on strategic issues relative to forest policy, and forest resources sustainability.  He does this through direct contracts, and coordination of the non-partisan Healthy Forests-Healthy Communities initiative, and related volunteer activities.

Section Of The Year Award

The Canadian Institute of Forestry is very much a grass-roots organization; but with a national network and focus. We currently have 19 sections that span the country, and an active International Section.  Our Sections are truly the foundation and strength of our organization. The Section of the Year Award recognizes outstanding activity, involvement and support of the Institute as a whole.

  • The 2019 recipient was the Manitoba Section.

The CIF-IFC Manitoba Section is very deserving of this honour for 2020. The Section continuously makes a significant effort to engage students and young professionals, encouraging the future of our forest. The Section was also very involved in National Forest Week 2019, and in addition hosted a number of public outreach and knowledge exchange events and opportunities throughout the year. Through these initiatives, the Section brought CIF-IFC members and non-members together, promoting the awareness of the Institute and its mission.

Golden Year Club

During every annual Awards Banquet, the Institute recognizes those individuals who are celebrating 50 years of membership in the Institute!

2019 Recipients:

  • Jean-Claude Mercier – Orléans Section

Jean-Claude is a forest engineer and a member of CIF. He has had an impressive career serving positions in the government, industry and academia, including the Québec Ministry of Land and Forests, Domtar Forest Products, Laurentian Forestry Centre, Québec Government Advisory Group in Forest Management, and Laval University. He was also the Associate Deputy Minister for the Quebec Ministry of Energy and Resources, Agriculture Canada, and Forestry Canada. Jean-Claude has served as board member on several organizations in Québec, Canada and the United States. He chaired the CSA technical committee on their first standard on Sustainable Forest Management in 1994, and was the Vice President of Forintek Canada Corp from 1996-2006.  He is presently the Chairman of the Société d’Histoire Forestière du Québec. He is married to Lisette Carrier and has a daughter Stéphanie and two grandsons Cyrus and Cassius living in London, UK.

Tree Of Life Award

The Tree of Life Awards are nationally recognized, but are selected by the Sections of the Institute. They are awarded to individuals who have made superior, dedicated or particularly effective contributions to sustainable forest resource management, forest renewal or sustained yield, and integrated management of the forest and its intrinsic resources.

2020 recipients:

  • Rod Simpson of the Rocky Mountain Section
  • Dan Wilkinson of the Rocky Mountain Section
  • Eric H. Earle of the Newfoundland and Labrador Section