Canadian Forestry Scientific Achievement Award

Recognition of Individuals who have made innovative and outstanding achievements in forestry research in Canada. Recognition can be for developing new practices, process, or techniques, or for demonstrating the practical applications of research in forestry. This award has the objective of encouraging innovation, exploration, application, and excellence in forest research.

2023 Dr. Richard Hamelin
2022 Dr. Nicholas Charles Coops
2021 Katherine Lewis, PhD, RPF and Alvin Dale Yanchuk, PhD, RPF
2020 William J. Beese
2019 Dr. Lori Daniels
2018 Dr. Mike Flannigan
2017 Dr. Yousry A. El Kassaby
2016 Dr. Phil Comeau
2015 N/A
2014 Dr. Ellen Macdonald
2013 Dr. Doug Pitt
2012 Dr. Brian Titus
2011 Dr. Margaret Penner
2010 Dr. Jan Volney & Dr. Peter Duinker
2009 Dr. Sally Aitken
2008 Dr. David MacLean & Dr. Vic Timmer
2007 Dr. Shashi Kant
2006 Dr. Christian Messier
2005 Dr. Cindy Prescott
2004 Dr. Wiktor Adamowicz
2003 Dr. John Spence
2001 Dr René I. Alfaro
2000 Dr. Martin Hubbes
1999 Dr. Graham Powell
1998 Brian J. Stocks
1997 Stephen C. Zoltai
1996 Dr. Guillemond Ouellette
1995 Jan Bonga Herbert Cerezke
1994 Yasuyuki Hiratsuka
1993 Victor Lieffers
1992 Luc Jobin
1991 Gordon R. Weetman
1990 David G. Brand
1989 Fred L. Bunnell
1988 F. Von Althen
1987 James (Hamish) P. Kimmins
1986 John H. Borden
1985 Vladimir Krajina
1984 J. Robert Blais
1983 J.A. Fortin
1982 Louis Zsuffa
1981 Donald P. Fowler
1980 Peter H. Kourtz