Gold Medal Award

One Gold Medal award for each forestry baccalaureate school, and one for each forestry diploma school in Canada, shall be given annually or from time to time to graduating students who shall be selected by the head of the school. Since 1953, the Canadian Institute of Forestry has awarded a Gold Medal to a student graduating from each of the seven university forestry faculties and since 1992, the twenty-three forestry technical schools in Canada.


The recipient is selected by the head of the school in recognition of outstanding scholarship, sportsmanship and citizenship throughout the years of the program.


  1. Forestry school identifies the recipient of the Gold Medal.
  2. Forestry school advises National office of the name and mailing address of the recipient (three weeks in advance of the ceremony).
  3. School/ Institute Section is responsible for engraving the student’s name on the plaque .
  4. Presentation of the Award to be held at the Canadian Institute of Forestry Silver Ring ceremony, or other appropriate event arranged by the school and the Section
  5. A brief 100 word article on the Gold Medal recipient and a head and shoulders photo are to be submitted to National office for inclusion in The Leader Magazine.