International Forestry Achievement Award

Recognition of individuals who have made unique and outstanding contributions or achievements in international forestry. It recognizes that Canada is a world leader in the practice of forestry and appreciates the actions of individuals who have shared this leadership with other nations. It can also recognize the actions of an individual to bring nations together to better forestry practices globally. This award has the objective of encouraging excellence and cooperation in international forestry.

2020 Dr. Gary Q. Bull
2019 Dr. Guangyu Wang
2018 N/A
2017  Jorma Neuvonen
2016 Dr. El-Lakany
2015 Mr. John Innes
2014 Mr. Clément Sofalne
2013 Dr. Wang Xiaoping
2012 Mr. Fred Pinto
2011 Dr. Damase Khasa
2010 Mr. William Clarke
2009 Mr. Michel Vallee
2008 Mr. Garry Brooks
2007 Denyse Rousseau
2004 Pieter Prins
2003 Jacques Carette
2003 Dr. Mike Apps
2001 Jean-Louis Kérouac
1999 John Roper
1998 T.M. (Mike) Apsey
1997 John F. Goodman
1996 Dr. John Naysmith
1994 Dr George S. Nagle
1992 Dr J.S. (Jag) Maini
1991 B.S.P. (Ben) Wang
1990 James H. Cayford
1989 Michael Steward
1988 Ralph W. Roberts