The Institute recognized that there are many individuals involved in forestry across Canada who are making outstanding contributions early in their profession. The award recognizes the contributions of those forest practitioners newer to the profession. It has the objective of encouraging excellence in the forestry profession. This award is named the James M. Kitz Award, after a person who was a member of Institute and the Alberta Registered Professional Foresters Association. Jim made several outstanding contributions to forestry early in his career , but suffered a sudden and untimely death at age 36. This award recognized the contributions made by Jim, both professionally and personally and is awarded to those who exemplify Jim’s approach to all aspects of life while making an outstanding contribution to forestry early in their career.

2023 Nicholas Dormaar
2022 Fraser Smith
2021 Malcolm Cockwell, RPF
2020 Jeffrey Renton & Kerry McLaven
2019 Lacey Rose
2018 N/A
2017 Anthony Robinson
2016 Ms. Jessica Kaknevicius
2015 Ms. Anne LeBrun Ruff
2014 Ms. Megan Smith
2013 Mr. Jonathan Lok
2012 Dr. Évelyne Thiffault
2011 Mr. Matthew Meade
2010 Ms. Aude Fournier
2009 Ms. Julia Hancock
2007 Valérie Courtois
2006 Mat Leitch
2005 Alex Drummond
2004 Marc Beaudoin & Geoff Clarke
2002 Joan Luther
2000 Dr. Kenneth Greenway
1999 Rob Davis
1998 Stephen V. Ginnish
1997 Susan J. Michalsky
1996 Patrick Guidera
1995 Guy Serry