The Presidential Award is presented to individuals who have made significant or consistent outstanding contributions to the Institute through their actions in support of the Institute’s mission. Specifically, they have advanced the stewardship of Canada’s forest resources, they have demonstrated leadership in forestry, they have taken an active role in promoting competence among forestry professionals, and they have fostered public awareness of Canadian and international forestry issues. This award recognizes the hard work, dedication, and commitment that individuals provide in following the Institute’s mission and the profession.

2023 Edward Czerwinski
2022 (Posthumous Recipient) Christopher (Chris) A. Lee
2021 Peter Forsythe, RPF
2020 Dr. William Bourgeois
2019 Al Stinson and Michel Vallee
2018 N/A
2017  John Pineau
2016 N/A
2015 Ms. Candace Parsons
2014 Dr. Peter Marshall
2013 Ms. Sarah Gooding
2012 Mr. Brian Haddon
2011 Ms. Andrée Morneault
2010 Dr. Keith McClain
2009 Ms. Bev Wilson
2008 Dr. Ron Ayling
2007 Mack Williams
2006 Len Moores
2005 Don Cameron
2004 Fred Pinto
2003 David Sharpe
2002 Vidar J. Nordin
2001 Richard Macnaughton
2006 Len Moores
2007 Mack Williams