The Section of the Year Award is presented to Sections that exemplify the objects of the Institute and their dedication to implementing the strategic direction(s) identified by the National Board of Directors. They demonstrate creativity, initiative, diligence, and perseverance in implementing and reporting on their activities in support of the Institute’s annual strategic direction(s) and the Institute’s annual work plan. This award recognizes the many individuals that keep a Section active, that involves the membership and students, and demonstrates commitment to nationally identified goals and objectives.

2021 Northwestern Ontario Section
2020 Manitoba Section
2019 Algonquin Section
2018 Lake of the Woods Section
2017 Ottawa Valley Section
2016 Saskatchewan
2015 Sections of British Columbia
2014 Newfoundland & Labrador Section
2013 Algonquin Section & Manitoba Section
2012 Orleans Section
2011 Rocky Mountain Section
2010 Northwestern Ontario Section
2009 Newfoundland & Labrador Section
2008 Vancouver Section
2007 Maritime Section
2006 Nova Scotia Section
2005 Saskatchewan
2004 Rocky Mountain
2003 Ottawa Valley
2002 Central Ontario