Tree of Life Award


To recognize individuals who have made superior, dedicated or particularly effective contributions to sustainable forest resource management, forest renewal or sustained yield integrated management of the forest and its intrinsic resources. These contributions may, without limiting the scope, comprise of any noteworthy achievement in activities undertaken by foresters or others such as forest renewal, stand tending, protection, management of the forest or any of its related resources such as wildlife, water, range or recreation, public awareness, betterment of human relations or support of forest-related youth organizations.


Recipients will receive a Tree of Life pin and a certificate. Names of recipients will be kept at the CIF National Office and updated annually. Award certificates will be prepared and sent, along with the Tree of Life pin, by CIF National Office to CIF Section Councils for presentation at a Section event (i.e. Section AGM). The award presentation will comprise reading of the statement of award and presentation of the Tree of Life pin and certificate. In addition, the CIF National Executive Committee may designate one or two individuals at large, to whom the Tree of Life Award may be presented at the annual meeting.


The Award is intended primarily, but not exclusively, for members of the Institute. Recipients will be designated by CIF Section Councils by means of their own choosing. This may be by action of the Council itself, selection by a committee, or open nominations and voting.

  1. Section Council to forward to the CIF National Office ( the name(s) of those designated as Tree of Life recipients and provide a mailing address of where to send the Award (i.e. Section Council representative).
  2. This Award includes a Tree of Life pin and a certificate prepared by National Office to Section Councils for presentation at a Section event (i.e. Section AGM).
  3. The award recipient agrees to standard publicity notification arranged by the CIF-IFC. Details of the award will be published in relevant media and on the Institute’s web site ( All the Tree of Life recipients are recognized verbally by the President of the CIF during the Awards Banquet at the National Conference and Annual General Meeting.

The number of awards presented annually will be approximately 1.0% of the membership. CIF National Office will advise the Section Council of the number of candidates who will be eligible for designation, based on the following table:

Up to 50

  • Scott Formaniuk of the Rocky Mountain Section
  • Trevor Stanley of the Manitoba Section
  • Douglas Paul Drysdale of the Southern Ontario Section
  • Eric Young of the Newfoundland and Labrador Section
  • Jim A. Taylor of the Newfoundland and Labrador Section
  • Judy Hall of the Northwestern Ontario Section
  • Jean MacIsaac of the Northwestern Ontario Section
  • Dr. M.A. (Peggy) Smith of the Northwestern Ontario Section
  • Jack Harrison of the Lake of the Woods Section
  • Bob Winship of the Rocky Mountain Section; and
  • Alex Drummond of the Rocky Mountain Section
  • Len Moores of the Newfoundland and Labrador Section
  • Tom Lakusta of the Rocky Mountain Section
  • Dr. Sharad Chandra Karmacharya of the Rocky Mountain Section
  • Rod Simpson of the Rocky Mountain Section
  • Dan Wilkinson of the Rocky Mountain Section
  • Eric H. Earle of the Newfoundland and Labrador Section
  • Annette van Niejenhuis – Vancouver Island Section
  • Diana Boylen – Rocky Mountain SectionLorne West – Rocky Mountain Section
  • Frances Bennett-Sutton – Northwestern Ontario Section
  • Laird VanDamme – Northwestern Ontario Section
  • Charles John – Newfoundland and Labrador Section
  • Wayne Brown – Newfoundland and Labrador Section
  • Guylaine Thauvette, Algonquin Section
  • Bruce Mayer, Rocky Mountain Section
  • Milo Mihajlovich, Rocky Mountain Section
  • Wayne Kelly, Newfoundland and Labrador Section
  • William J. Carroll of the Newfoundland and Labrador Section
  • Derek Morton Sidders of the Rocky Mountain Section
  • John Richard Spence of the Rocky Mountain Section
2015/2016 Bert Frampton, NLGerald Guenkel, SOSRory Thompson, RMSGordon B. Stenhouse, RMSBarry Northey, RMS
2014/2015 Ronald J. Hall, RMS
Philip Comeau, RMS
Gerald Fleming, NL
A. Murray Anderson, NS
Stan Chester, VA
2013/2014 Tony Rotherham, OR
Peter Johnson, SOS
Geraint Richards, International
His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, International
2012/2013 François-Hugues Bernier OR
Rick Bonar RMS
Steve Price RMS
Bruce Pendrel MT
2011/2012 Trevor Wakelin, RMS
Mauice Lalonde, OS
Rudolph Hanusiak, MT
Gerrit van Raalte, MT
Hap Oldham, MT
John Richards, MT
Murray Neilson, MT
Monty Locke, VIS
Dave Carson, VIS
John Harris, VIS
Uldis Silins, RMS
Pat Wearmouth, RMS
Mike Clarke, SOS
Brian Batchelor, ALS
Al Stinson, ALS
Margaret Penner, ALS
Cliff Henderson, RMS
Vic Lieffers, RMS
Ken Plourde, RMS
Nicolas Brzezinski, OR
Steve Henderson, CA
Rod O’Connell, MT
Mike Trepanier, CA
Herman van Duyn, NWO
  • Ed Morrice, CA
  • Peter Forsythe, CA
  • Dr. Andrew Weaver, VI
  • Dr. Werner Kurz, VI
  • Kevin Ride, NWO
  • Ian Miller, NS
  • Bruce Roberts, NL
  • Cherry Maxwell, OV
  • Susan Easterman, OV
Norman Denney, RM
Nancy Luckai, NW
Marten Broeren, VI
Edmund W. Howard, VA
Mel P. Lawson, SO
James E. Marshall, OV
Peter M. Paul, OV
Douglas E. Rickson, VA
Richard Smith, VIS
J. Victor Stewart, MR
Roy F. Sutton, COS
Bob Bancroft, NS
John Torunski, MR
Harvey M. Anderson, SO
Eric. C. Crossin, VA
Patrick Duffy, VA
Micheal Heinstein, MS
E. Kristian Morgenstern, AL
Jack E. Pinder, VA
A. (Dolf) Wynia, SO
Dave Dwyer, NS (posthumously)
Don Pudlubny, RM
Ian Morrison, CO
Douglas Prosser, MR
Teresa Stokes, RM
Marie Coyea, OR
Rick Creelman, NS
Donald Dickson, LW
Peter Etheridge, MR
Donald Gelinas, RM
Charles M. Johnson, VI
Tony Mee, NS
Lorne Morrow, NWO
Len Suomu, LW
John Thompson, SK
Evert Van Eerden, VI
Evelynne Wrangler, RM
Lorne Riley, OV
David MacFarlane, MR
Arden Whidden, NS
Denes Bazjak, NL
Andy Kenney, SO
Richard Dempster, RM
David Oxley, MR
Harry Graham, CO
Victor Begrand, SK
E. Kristian Morgenstern, AL
Lorne Swannell, VI
John Sellers, OV
A. David Kiil, RM
Paul Woodard, RM
William J. Roll, NW
René Doucet, OR
Allen Hopwood, VA/PA
Harvey George Taylor, NF
P.K. Bidwell, NO
Alex Dickson, MR
Gordon Robb, MB
Rod Thompson, SK
David Sharpe, NF
Ed Blackmore, NF
Bruno Seppala, LW
Frank Harrison, LW
Ian Methven, MR
Brian Walker, CR
Claude Godbout, OR
J-L Kérouac, OR
Conway Dermott, RM
Arthur Peter, RM
Bill Wilken, NF
Girvan Harrison, MR
Kenny McGinn, MR
Mark Clark, CR
Robert J. Day, NW
Robert Galloway, NO
J.R.M. Williams, SO
W. K. Fullerton, OV
Richard Walker, MB
Brian MacDonald, RM
Richard L. Rothwell, RM
Bruce MacArthur, CR
Keith McClain, CR
Christopher W. Yeatman, AL
William D. Towill, NW
Bruce Belyea, MR
Peter Duinker, NW
John K. Jeglum, CO
Louis LaPierre, MR
David Malcolm, MR
George Garner, LW
Ian Moss, CR
Francis Donnelly, CR
Murray Little, SK
George Brown, SO
Harvey Anderson, SO
Kenneth Hearnden, National
Dick Harkness, NW
F.W. McDougall, RM
Robert H. Swanson, RM
Dave Rannard, MB
Jeffrey Thorpe, SK
W.L. Johnson, NS
Malcolm Squires, NW
Jeffrey Monty, AL
Dianne Beaven, MB
John Casteel, CR
William J. Revel, CR
Alfred J. Campbell, OV
Gordon Young, MR
Hon. Anne McLellan, National
J. C. Mercier, OV
John Torunski, MR
James M. Kitz, RM
Mick Lalor, RM
Jeffrey Thorpe, SK
Gordon L. Stone, CO
R. L. Macnaughton, CO
Alan Furniss, VA
Harold Peacock, MB
Roy Klein, NWO
J. W. Moser, Jr.(SAF), National
Anne Camozzi, NS
Gordon Baskerville, MR
John Gilbert, MR
Harry Struik, CO
Peter Jackson, NS
Clifford B. Smith, RM
James A. Beck, RM
Bill Jonas, MB
Jim Clark, RM
Bruce Dancik, RM
Derek Brown, NF
Bill Bourgeois, VI
Art Walker, VI
Noel Golder, LW
Don Start, LW
Frank Pendl, VA
Peter Sanders, VA
Ross Waldron, MB
Boyd Brown, SN
Carl Halland, SK
Herb Bax, NWO
Al Todd, CR
H.J. (Joe) O’Neill, MR
Will Stiell, AL
Don Grant, VA
J.Harry G. Smith, VA
R.J.F. Elder, VI
J.D. MacArthur, CH
Lorne Brace, RM
Reginald Loomis, RM
Web Webster, MB
Jack Flowers, NWO
John McNicol, NWO
W. H. Hendershot, CH
Thom Erdle, MR
Hank Blenis, MR
(Gerry)Wellburn, VI
Harry Pillar, VI
Andrea Atkinson, SK
Ewan Caldwell, OV
Les Carlson, OV
L. Otis, OR
Bert Gayle, VA
Larry Jago, CO
Bob Haig, CO
C.K Smith, MB
Wayne Brown, NF
Peter Murphy, RM
Jack Wright, RM
J. Allan Eddy, NS
Peter Robichaud, NS