Silver Ring Program


CIF-IFC Silver Rings are given out to welcome new forestry professionals. The ring is a symbol associated with the completion of a CIF-IFC recognized forestry program. It is a clear sign that unites graduates in forestry at the national level, a bond that goes beyond differences in responsibilities, employment, province of residence and language.

The Silver Ring is usually worn on the little finger of the left or right hand (depending on whether the person is right-handed or left-handed). The engraving of the maple leaf that seems to grow towards the tip of the finger symbolizes the growth of professional responsibilities.


The very first silver ring ceremony took place in 1953 at the University of British Columbia (UBC), organized by forestry and forestry engineering graduates. This practice became a tradition at UBC and was adopted by 3 other forestry schools in 1961 (University of New Brunswick, Université Laval, and University of Toronto). The CIF-IFC was asked to assume responsibility for the program and it became a centennial project in 1967. Since then, all graduates with a recognized bachelor’s degree have received a silver ring. In 2002, the Institute was proud to welcome graduating students from technical forestry schools.

Silver Ring Speech

The Silver Ring Speech serves as a guide to the significance, value and relevance of the Canadian Institute of Forestry/Institut forestier du Canada Silver Ring.

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CIF-IFC Code of Ethics

The Silver Ring has become a symbol of the Canadian Institute of Forestry and what it stands for as embodied in our Code of Ethics.

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Member Silver Ring

The Member Silver Ring recognizes the interdisciplinary nature of forestry and the need to be truly inclusive of all forest practitioners. It also symbolizes our members’ commitment to sound forest stewardship and sustainability through CIF-IFC activities. The ring is also engraved with a small maple leaf. See below for criteria for eligibility.


One of the Institute’s objectives is to welcome individuals to the profession of forestry. Since 1967 we have presented Silver Rings to graduating students from CIF-IFC recognized Canadian forestry program.

Member Silver Ring – Criteria for Eligibility

Eligible Members will be required to pay a standard $45.00 charge for their Ring.
Non-members will be required to pay a standard $65.00 charge for their Ring.


Member of the Institute in good standing for four continuous years.


A personal testimonial outlining why the member should receive a Silver Ring (one page).


A letter from the Member’s Section Council stating why the member should be considered for a Member Silver Ring.


Eligible recipients will be determined once a year in advance of the National Annual General Meeting and Conference by a committee appointed by the National Executive.


Member Silver Rings will be presented during the National Awards Banquet. If the member is not able to attend the National Awards Banquet the ring will be given to the Section Director to be presented to the member at a CIF-IFC event where other members are present.