Past Presidents

Below is a complete list of all our distinguished Past Presidents, who have helped shape the Institute since our establishment in 1908.

Fernow, Bernard E.   1908-1915
Leavitt, Clyde   1916-1917
Wilson, Ellwood   1918-1920
Grainger, Martin A.   1921-1923
Howe, Clinton Durant    
Avery, Benjamin F. Ontario 1927-1929
Caverhill, Peter Zembro British Columbia 1930-1932
Piche, Guatave-Clodomir Québec 1933-1935
Delahey, Wallace Québec 1936-1937
Gibson, John Miles   1938
Phipps, George Willard Northwestern Ontario 1939
Mulholland, Fred D. Vancouver Island 1940
Webb, Leland Stanford   1941-1942
Harrison, John D.B. Ottawa Valley 1944
Brown, Roscoe M. Vancouver 1945-1946
Druce, Eric Vancouver Island 1947-1949
Balch, Reginald E. Maritimes 1949-1951
Beall, Herbert W.   1950*
MacDonald, Donald A.   1950*
Fensom, Kenneth G. Vancouver 1951-1953
Pepler, William A.E. CH 1953-1955
Sisam, John W.B. Southern Ontario 1955-1957
Creighton, G. Wilfred I. Nova Scotia 1957-1959
Hodgins, Hugh J. Vancouver 1959-1960
Besley, Lowell CH 1961-1963
McKee, Robert Gerald Vancouver Island 1963-1964
Hearnden, Kenneth W. Northwestern Ontario 1964-1965
Love, David Vaughan Southern Ontario 1965-1966
Crossley, Desmond I. Rocky Mountain 1966-1967
Nordin, Vidar CH/Southern Ontario 1967-1968
Fellows, Edward S. Maritimes 1968-1969
Matte, Francois Orleans 1969-1970
Burch, William Gerald Vancouver 1970-1971
Ker, Jack W. Maritimes 1971-1972
Giles, J. Walter Southern Ontario 1972-1973
Weetman, Gordon F. Maritimes 1973-1974
Young, William Cariboo 1974-1975
Moore, Warren S. Northwestern Ontario 1975-1976
Anderson, Arnold B. Vancouver 1976-1977
Boucher, P.E. Maritimes 1977-1978
Redmond, D.R. Ottawa Valley 1978-1979
Smith, J.H.G. Vancouver 1979-1980
Devitt, W.J.B. Vancouver Island 1980-1981
Garner, J. George Lake of the Woods 1981-1982
Cayford, J.H. Central Ontario 1982-1983
Paille, Gilbert Orleans 1983-1984
Clark, J.D. Rocky Mountain 1984-1985
Toovey, Jack W. Vancouver 1985-1986
Carrow, J.R. Maritimes/Southern Ontario 1986-1987
Kayll, A. James Ottawa Valley 1987-1988
Godbout, Claude Orleans 1988-1989
Ackhurst, Peter William Vancouver 1989-1990
Gairns, C.H. Cariboo 1990-1991
Whidden, Arden Nova Scotia 1991-1992
Rotherham, A.A. (Tony) CH 1992-1993
Murphy, Peter J. Rocky Mountain 1993-1994
Oldham, Hap Maritimes 1994-1995
Tolnai, Stephen Thompson-Okanagan 1995-1996
Barker, John Vancouver 1996-1997
Roberts, Ralph W. Ottawa Valley 1997-1998
Wrangler, Evelynne Rocky Mountain 1998-1999
Ferguson, Bruce Southern Ontario 1999-2000
Stone, Gordon Central Ontario 2000-2001
Gelinas, Donald Rocky Mountain 2001-2002
Moores, Len Newfoundland and Labrador 2002-2003
Macnaughton, Richard Central Ontario 2003-2004
McLaughlan, Michael Saskatchewan 2004-2005
Lee, Christopher A. Ottawa Valley 2005-2006
Stables, Doug Vancouver Island 2006-2007
Pinto, Fred Algonquin 2007-2008
Marshall, Peter Vancouver 2008-2009
LeBrun Ruff, Anne Maritimes 2009-2010
Kelly, Wayne Newfoundland and Labrador 2010-2011
Kube, Mark Rocky Mountain 2011-2012
Vallée, Michel Vancouver Island 2012-2013
Smith, C.T. (Tat) Southern Ontario 2013-2014
Stinson, Allan Algonquin 2014-2015
Lok, Jonathan Vancouver Island 2015-2016
Smith, Megan Central Ontario 2016-2017
Drummond, Alex Rocky Mountain 2017-2018
Carroll, Colin Newfoundland and Labrador 2018-2019
Luc M. Rainville Ottawa Valley Section 2019-2020
Richard Dominy Vancouver Island Section 2020-2021
Brad Epp Manitoba Section 2021-2022